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Spiegare sponsors Commercialisation Masterclass, Science Meets Parliament

Spiegare is delighted to be sponsoring the Commercialisation Masterclass, part of the Science Meets Parliament (SMP) event being held in Canberra from 28 February to 4 March 2022. SMP is an initiative of Science & Technology Australia (STA),  Australia’s peak body in science and technology, representing more than 80,000 scientists and technologists. The Chair for the Masterclass is Australia’s Chief...

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Reflections on a Year in Tech Transfer

With the world's eyes looking for solutions to pandemics, climate change, advancing digital frontiers, amongst others, the need for technology transfer strategy, capabilities and capacity is as strong as it has ever been. The appetite to access, assess and ultimately capitalise upon the works of research institutions and entrepreneurs, was reflected in many and varied forms of public discourse around how...

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Tech Transfer Talk – Spiegare continues with its sponsorship of a series of podcasts discussing aspects of the many facets of technology transfer

In episode 4, Cameron Begley explores with guest Rosanna DeMarco, formerly of Dow Chemical, tech transfer perspectives from the corporate boxes, getting perspectives on how a major corporation looks at the innovation landscape and what it seeks in its partnerships. Rosanna provides some perspectives on know-how, including relationships with clients, and samples and prototypes that can support the value...

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Tech Transfer Talk – a series of podcasts discussing aspects of the many facets of technology transfer

Spiegare is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Tech Transfer Talk. This is a series of podcasts discussing aspects of the many facets of technology transfer. Cameron Begley, Managing Director of Spiegare Pty Ltd and Director of Agtechcentric, explores a range of technology transfer and commercialisation experiences, challenges and insights, with a range of guests from around the world. Through these...

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Spiegare Pty Ltd and Crop Protection Australia partner with the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS) in the release of our report ‘Feral Futures: Overview of Technology Opportunities for Vertebrate Pest Management’.

Spiegare Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Crop Protection Australia, was delighted to partner with the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS) in the release of our report Feral Futures: Overview of Technology Opportunities for Vertebrate Pest Management. The overview is framed around the CISS four innovation platforms and how they can be efficiently utilised to better manage vertebrate pests. The four...

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Technological opportunities to secure Australian Biosecurity

Australia has a significant biosecurity and invasive species problem that undermines the Nation’s 2030 goals, to both build a $100 billion agricultural industry and protect our globally important threatened species and biodiversity. Innovation will be critical to tackling this challenge, and a strategic technology pathway is needed to transform how our pests and weeds are effectively managed. Given the...

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Breakthroughs in feedstock engineering technology from CSIRO present a promising Biomass Oil Pathway

Research by CSIRO now makes it possible to produce oil in the leaves and stems of plants in addition to the oil already in seeds. This technology promises to be a game changer in the global production of renewable oils especially for aviation and marine fuel sector. Spiegare, together with AGRENEW, have been actively involved in developing global and local partnerships for this breakthrough innovation,...

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Gene editing in sugar cane

In this podcast, Cameron Begley and Faisal Younus from Spiegare, and John Bloomer from JMB (Pleshey) Consulting Ltd discuss gene editing technology and its application in agriculture generally, and also with respect to the sugarcane industry and sugarcane plant breeding. Spiegare is a globally connected advisory group with experts across agriculture, plant sciences, biosecurity, entomology, industrial...

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Renewable fuels are taking off…but can they supply the massive demand?

In the accelerating push to decarbonise aviation and marine transport fuels, constraints around the sustained availability of fats and oils feedstocks are already emerging. Recent breakthroughs in feedstock engineering technology from Australia presents a promising alternative pathway to reaching maximum scale in renewable aviation and marine fuels. Phasing out fossil fuels (coal, gas and crude oil) is...

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Reflections in a year of COVID

In the midst of an extraordinary year for all of us, I thought it timely before Christmas to begin to look back on the past 12 months. The Spiegare Team has been fortunate to maintain our strong partnerships with our clients and associates and to also develop what we hope will be new enduring relationships. Our clients have been terrific this year, adapting (as we all have), to the testing circumstances...

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