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Innovation Culture Reflections

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) January – February 2019 Article The Hard Truth About Innovation Cultures is particularly insightful, when reflecting on nearly two decades of working within private and public innovation systems. While ideation remains the starting point of any innovation, the question arises about the factors, which catalyse the break up silos and / or (ivory) towers and ultimately drive...

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Observations of a Californian Carbon Workshop

It was my first concerted attendance at a focused workshop in California. Whilst I have made many trips to North America for various client meetings, negotiations and conferences, it represented a chance to engage deeply on an issue without the urgency of networking, the pressure to close a contract or satisfy a time-sensitive milestone. This workshop was orchestrated by Spruce Capital Partners and a...

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R&D Today Podcast

Cameron Begley talks with Alison Haitz from R&D Today about culture, clock speed and skunkworks and R&D subcultures.

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Spiegare 3 Years On…

We’re three years old this month and it struck me as timely to reflect on how a new business builds and learns. There have been many satisfying and various frustrating moments. The good things have far outweighed the bad. Most satisfying has been building teams. When starting, it seemed very much around how I would engage and deliver to clients as a founder and sole practitioner in the business. However...

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Why how matters

Having seen Rogue One with my kids, it was interesting to reflect on what made it such compelling viewing. Of course, as a child that grew up with the first Star Wars trilogy, this presented an opportunity to fill in another piece of the narrative. But I knew 'why' the protagonists were going about their adventure, and, having some working knowledge of the plot could reasonably assume 'what' they were...

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