In this podcast, Cameron Begley and Faisal Younus from Spiegare, and John Bloomer from JMB (Pleshey) Consulting Ltd discuss gene editing technology and its application in agriculture generally, and also with respect to the sugarcane industry and sugarcane plant breeding.

Spiegare is a globally connected advisory group with experts across agriculture, plant sciences, biosecurity, entomology, industrial biotechnology and material sciences to provide strategic and operational insights into technology transfer and commercialisation.

In recent years, Spiegare has undertaken a high-level review of gene editing technology for SRA. This podcast was commissioned by Sugar Research Australia and is intended to broadly discuss gene editing technology. The views and subject matter of the podcast are independent of the views and investments of SRA. The content of the podcast is not intended to represent specific research activities in the Australian sugarcane industry via SRA (either current or future).

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