What We Do

Spiegare provides advice and insights across the spectrum of organisational innovation activities to drive investment outcomes

Innovation and Technology Commercialisation Advisory Services

We work with pre-investment (ex-ante) and post-investment (ex-post) innovation opportunities to offer perspectives and advice on investments as they are considered, mature and reach commercial readiness.

A range of tools and approaches are used as best serves the purpose of addressing partner needs, scenarios and associated risks and opportunities.

These typically lead to insights on:

  • Advice and assistance on how to introduce your innovation or new technology to market.
  • Prospects for investment to underpin further technology development.
  • Guidance through licensing and partnering processes.
  • Reviews to confirm contractual compliance and the discovery of matters that may impede commercialisation and associated path to market efforts.

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Synthesis and insights of global megatrends and industry trajectories to explore scenarios and options.

  • Research and Development strategy options, that takes account of organisational context, resources and risk appetite.

Innovation Culture – Capability, Capacity and Process Development

  • Assessment of current organisational innovation investment dynamics.

  • Alignment of innovation investment activities to drive delivery of products and impact.

  • Organisational change programs that drive an innovation organisation.

Portfolio and Project Reviews

  • Assessments of path to market and value created through technology implementation.
  • Documentation reviews assessing contract compliance and discovery of matters that may impede commercialisation and associated path to market efforts.
  • Consideration of Benefit/Cost Analyses and impacts arising from successful technology.

Training and Strategy Facilitation

  • Development of bespoke training packages to support capability and process development.
  • Facilitation of organisational culture and strategy development.
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