In episode 4, Cameron Begley explores with guest Rosanna DeMarco, formerly of Dow Chemical, tech transfer perspectives from the corporate boxes, getting perspectives on how a major corporation looks at the innovation landscape and what it seeks in its partnerships. Rosanna provides some perspectives on know-how, including relationships with clients, and samples and prototypes that can support the value creation process.

The first episode of the Tech Transfer Talk podcast explores Protein permutations with guest Maurice Moloney, from Agritecknowledge, where the current drivers and pathways to scale the increasing interest in new forms of protein for consumers.

Episode 2’s subject, Ruminations on fermentation tech transfer with Oleg Werbitzky, discusses industrial biotech tech transfer, from bench to scale, experiences at the interface of research and the private sector, and the opportunities for industrial biotech in the circular economy.

In episode 3, My Sorona – The pathway to 1,3 PDO, Ray Miller shares the story from concept to market for one of the first of the modern industrial biopolymers – 1,3 propanediol.

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