Leecia Angus

Sarah Clarry

Sarah is an agricultural scientist and communications specialist with more than 20 years’ experience. She holds a BA (Journalism) from the University of Canberra and commenced her career writing for newspapers and magazines. She spent 10 years with Unilever Australasia in corporate communications, and was Chair of the Unilever Australasia Foundation for four years, guiding the company’s community and environmental initiatives.

A lifelong interest in agriculture led Sarah to complete a Master of Science in Agriculture through the University of New England. She worked in agronomy and crop research, developing protocols, conducting field assessments and preparing reports for plant breeding and agronomic trials, before combining her skills and moving into agricultural communications full-time. She is been a regular contributor to a range of RD&E publications, including GRDC’s Ground Cover and MLA’s Feedback magazines. She is also a keen photographer, and her images have frequently appeared in the publications for which she writes.

Sarah has extensive experience in project communications, and consults to media, universities, government departments and farming systems research organisations.
Her skills lie in her ability to translate complex agricultural research into practical applications for a broad audience.