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Kirsty Reed

Dr Kirsty Reed has strong expertise in maximising the value of a broad range of biotechnology products. She has experience in human therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and agricultural biotechnology – including food.

Kirsty excels in the primary scientific and market assessment of core technology and preparation for capital raising. Clarification of steps required to complete product development, testing and partnering for future development and identifying the right partners and negotiating/managing contracts are also a core skills.

Kirsty’s prior experience includes provided advice on launching an overseas-based biotechnology product in Australia, performing strategic reviews, linking commercial partners and sourcing capital finance; valued Australian companies and overseas company assets and reviewed and negotiated investment and licensing agreements; conducted
IP review and strategic advice for an Australian biotech with patents and trade secrets; introduced Australian companies to international networks and key opinion leaders;
and provided advice for capital raising to at least 9 companies recently and continuing to work with companies to close financing for 6 (5 completed). 

Kirsty’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Honours), a PhD in molecular biology and postgraduate studies in commercialisation and intellectual property from the University of Melbourne.